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offshore plant


Security is the top priority when operating an off-shore platform. For this reason, a variety of safety equipment is required which needs to be kept up-to-date at all times. Off-shore platforms are frequently operated in remote regions, where public mobile network coverage is very much restricted.

Setting up a campus network on an off-shore platform creates a safety technology network, facilitates the use of “remote assistant” solutions, while providing reliable communication independent of the public network.

Campus solution at a glance:

A network where you need it

Create the necessary coverage in areas with an insufficient public mobile network.

Reliable communication

No external access to the private network. Reliable in-house communication increases security.

Facilitates automation

Facilitates the reliable networking and automation of production processes.

agricultural machinery

Smart networks for the agricultural sector

Ongoing digitalisation and the introduction of advanced work processes and techniques continue to pose new challenges for those involved in agriculture. Private campus networks are playing a key role here in digitally transforming this sector.

Through the provision of a private network, it will be possible for tractors and machines to be driven as part of a network, without needing to rely on public radio coverage and its respective dead zones.

Smart sensors are already monitoring fields and measuring environmental influences such as temperature and soil moisture or air humidity, which are important agricultural indicators. It is also possible to avoid the damage caused by night frost. The reliable transmission of this data is thus required in order to ensure these state-of-the-art tools are used to their full potential.

Campus solution at a glance:

Increased efficiency

Increases the efficiency of work processes through networked driving.

Smart monitoring

Facilitates the smart monitoring of agricultural land and secures the long-term yield on these areas.

Secures network coverage

Secures network coverage in areas where it is lacking.

truck loading a container

Container ports

Shipping containers are being transported around the world in ever increasing amounts. The growing number of containers effectively represents a challenge for the operators of ports and hubs. There are thus important investments being made in the digital transformation of transport and handling processes.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are fully automated driverless transport systems which are used to move containers within a container terminal. A campus network is a basic requirement here for ensuring these transport vehicles are part of a secure network, as well as for the demand-oriented control of AGVs.

The integration of safety technology such as sensors and cameras is facilitated by reliable network coverage which is free from any public network interference. This guarantees that company work processes are monitored without interruption, thus resulting in secure and reliable operation despite autonomous transport systems.

The same also applies for airports, train stations and other transport hubs.

Campus-Lösung auf einen Blick:

Networking of transport vehicles

Networking of autonomously driven transport vehicles made possible.

Integrated safety technology

Facilitating smooth operations through the integration of smart safety technology.

man controls robotic arm

Automotive – Industry 4.0

The implementation of automation within a factory requires a central nervous system, a central communications network that is able to connect the machines and processes with each other. Private campus networks represent exactly this central nervous system in smart factories.

This is what makes the secure network of autonomous transport vehicles and robots possible. The installation of a campus network guarantees universal networking within factories. A specially scalable, reliable and high-performance network is required for the implementation of modern IoT applications. Something for which campus networks are almost predestined.

Campus solution at a glance:

Smart networking of processes

Facilitates the networking of everything from production processes to the smart factory.

WLAN-independent network

Secure communication thanks to a private, WLAN-independent network..

Future viability

Viable technology investment with LTE & soon also 5G.