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Invest in the innovation of modern network communication based on private LTE & 5G campus solutions from BESCom.

Campus solutions

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Swift progress is being made when it comes to the digital transformation of both industry and intralogistics. The situation is changing thanks to new Industry 4.0 applications. We are looking at a future that will see vehicles drive autonomously in a network on company premises and machines with smart sensor technology integrated into intelligent production processes.

tablet shows monitoring of production that is supported by robot arm
robotic arms controller

High demands – by Industry 4.0:

  • Maximum reliability and data security
  • Many industrial processes have problems with long data runtimes
  • Closed radio network, fast data transmission with low latency periods
  • Guaranteed availability of high bandwidths with a defined throughput
  • Very high reliability – with low energy requirements
robotic arms controller

Experience in all

things digitalization

With our experience, we support companies as they implement business-critical applications. We accompany our customers from the automotive, logistics, agricultural economy and industrial sectors as they navigate their individual paths to digitalisation.

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WLAN reaching its limit

Public mobile radio networks and short-range-device technologies such as WLAN are reaching their limits. WLAN uses unlicensed, shared frequency bands, making this technology susceptible to interference from other devices and WLAN networks.

The use of WLAN in intralogistics is often accompanied by problems with the self-propelled machinery or driverless vehicles that navigate the company premises independently. First, these vehicles lose their connection when switching to the next WLAN radio cell and immediately stop in their tracks. Employees are then required to manually reconnect the autonomous vehicles and containers with the network.

The consequence: the in-house flow of materials is interrupted. And an interference-prone logistics chain presents a challenge for every production.

This is why these technologies are not suitable for critical company applications. If the WLAN is interrupted: production processes are impaired and security jeopardised. To the detriment of company productivity and the safety of its employees.


Industry 4.0 calls for new technologies and approaches

  • Transmission technologies such as WLAN are reaching their limits.  
  • Long data runtimes are an incalculable risk for industrial applications. 
  • Networked processes require greater data security.

The solution:
Private campus networks

Maximum reliability, performance and security for your company.

We configure individual campus networks for you. From the concept to the planning, the installation and commissioning of the entire network, we are responsible for the tasks required to create a campus network. We also take care of the paperwork when applying for the required frequency. Thus securing maximum efficiency and system stability during operation for you as our customer.

What are campus networks?

In addition to the public mobile radio network, it is also possible to establish a private mobile network with the aim of adequately responding to the requirements of logistics centres, Industry 4.0 applications, ports and airports. These private LTE or soon 5G networks are separate to the public network and adapted to the individual requirements of the respective companies.


Campus networks are characterised by:


  • Low latency periods and very fast data transmission
  • High bandwidths for IoT applications and a defined data throughput
  • High reliability and guaranteed availability
  • Effective data security for in-house communication
  • Tremendous scalability in size and bandwidth
Campus solution_Industry 4.0

Campus solutions

Campus solutions based on private LTE & 5G are key elements for the introduction of modern IoT in-house applications.

  • Facilitate in-house networking
  • Guarantee maximum data security
  • High data throughput facilitates the introduction of, for example, VR applications and augmented reality

Examples of
private LTE & 5G applications

Campus solutions are suitable for the most varied of sectors and are always the forces driving digitalisation and in-house networking.


Secure off-shore networking with a campus solution from BESCom.

Smart farming

Smart farming with help from campus solutions from BESCom.

Container port

Safely operate AGVs with a campus solution from BESCom.

Automotive –
Industry 4.0

Automation and smart communication of logistics chains.