Smart solutions for transport and logistics


The digital transformation is also leading to profound changes in the transport and logistics sectors. The opportunities being presented by the Internet of Things (IoT) are facilitating a far greater networking of machinery, transport vehicles and processes. Communication networks with maximum availability, realised through a private campus solution, are essential for the security of transport processes.


BESCom facilitates the introduction of smart processes in the transport and logistics sectors.


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Enter the age of private LTE and 5G campus solutions with smart solutions from BESCom for your processes and applications

In-house networking for automated guided vehicle systems

Automated guided vehicle systems are already communicating with their environment and integrating naturally into operations using smart wireless solutions. This would not be possible without safe and reliable technology which is based on private LTE and 5G campus solutions from BESCom..

symbolic network over a port

Long-distance communication

Innovative fleet and logistics management calls for reliable communication between the vehicles and the control room.

Secure systems for operators of critical infrastructures

BESCom supports operators of critical infrastructure as they implement statutory requirements. We plan and implement reliable and fail-safe systems.

Our employees provide employee training and are responsible for the commissioning of the systems.

container in port
several means of transport: containers, trucks, and airplane

Critical infrastructure transport companies

Just like the supply and disposal companies, any interruption to transport companies has an immediate impact on everyday life. For society to function, there needs to be an availability of goods, along with secure delivery chains and production processes. For this reason, transport companies are listed among the operators of critical infrastructures (Germany’s critical-infrastructure protection programme KRITIS).


A failure or interruption to the transport infrastructure

  • Poses a threat to the security of supply in society.
  • Causes interruptions in delivery chains, which can lead to delays in the production process.
  • Leads to constraints within the healthcare system due to insufficient supply.
  • Can entail severe financial losses due to delays.

How you benefit with BESCom

  • Innovative solutions such as the introduction of campus networks.
  • Reduction of costs through the introduction of smart monitoring and management processes.
  • BESCom takes responsibility for the planning, installation and commissioning of the systems.

Solutions from BESCom

For smart processes in the transport and logistics sectors

Truck driving by a container ship

Digital Transport Logbook

Using sensors, current tracking data can be sent to the recipients of cargo shipments at any time. It is also possible to record and send data relating to temperature, vibrations or humidity. Real-time monitoring is thus now reality.

high bay warehouse

Intralogistics 4.0

Smart logistics is no longer a turn of phrase. Using state-of-the-art communication technologies such as private LTE & 5G, BESCom is linking logistics processes. The end result is an integrated product that has taken the ideal route from production to end customer through communication with man and machine. BESCom makes this communication of machinery possible. Our solutions enable the customer to check in real time which products and materials are available and in what condition.

high bay warehouse
logistics halls

BOS radio network for logistics halls

Logistics centres are often very large, unstructured buildings that can be inaccessible and unsuited to the free-field coverage of the digital BOS radio network. In order to facilitate optimum digital BOS radio coverage in an emergency, BESCom equips the logistics centres with tailored indoor radio solutions.