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Industrial radio or private mobile radio is the basis for in-company communication. The standards for this are TETRA and DMR. Today, they are key factors for radio communication in private radio systems.
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Industrial and private mobile radio from BESCom:
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Industrial radio communication: TETRA & DMR

The established industrial radio standards TETRA and DMR guarantee reliable and secure communication. Industrial radio facilitates wireless communication that can be internally controlled and used in closed user groups. For example, users may be commercial enterprises such as industrial companies or energy providers, as well as airports.

Broadband data applications:
Private LTE & 5G campus solutions are suitable for larger data volumes.

radio in front of fire truck
engineer checks machine control panel and radio talking communication with coworker

Variety of applications

  • Radio with two or more devices
  • Communication with various radios
  • Transmission of small data volumes, such as GPS positions or status notifications
engineer checks machine control panel and radio talking communication with coworker


The European-wide radio standard for industrial radio and BOS digital radio.

Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA)

TETRA is a high-performance radio technology with which universal radio networks can be created. The entire mobile radio operations of authorities, industrial enterprises or even public transport authorities can be mapped using these networks.

Public transport companies use TETRA, for example, to transmit the location of their vehicles.

BESCom is your partner for modern TETRA radio solutions.

radio in front of skyscrapers

TETRA is high-performance trunked radio

  • Trunked radio networks such as TETRA provide the option of communicating with all participant groups or individual participants specifically.
  • The connection is immediate and established without dialling. 
  • At close range, TETRA facilitates communication without a central base station.

Digital Mobile Radio – DMR

Operate both analogue and digital radio systems at the same time in one system.

Digital Mobile Radio

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a transmission standard for non-public radio communication. As an international standard, DMR offers compatibility between end terminals of different manufacturers.

DMR is a scalable radio system that allows for everything from single radio communication to a nationwide radio network.

radio and yellow helmet in front of container

DMR – The alternative

Digital Mobile Radio offers customers the benefit of being able to operate both analogue and digital technology at the same time in one system. DMR closes the gap between analogue products and digital TETRA offerings.

  • All devices can be operated in analogue and digital DMR mode.
  • Aimed at operators of radio networks who wish to gradually migrate from an analogue system to an open-ended digital radio system.
  • Just like TETRA, DMR also has the advantage of functional sovereignty.

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