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Industry solutions from BESCom

BESCom plans and implements private mobile radio networks and campus solutions for the most varied of industries.Coordination between man, machine and process is our primary objective, staying true to our motto of „smart connectivity“.

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BESCom is your partner for innovative industry solutions

We have the right solution for every sector. BESCom was founded in 1989 and has built up years of experience in the area of private mobile radio. Innovative solutions, such as private campus networks, are opening up entirely new application possibilities. They are aiming for smart networking between people, machinery and equipment while meeting the highest of safety standards for man and machine.

How you benefit with BESCom:

  • Innovative solutions in the area of private mobile radio.
  • Campus solutions via private LTE & 5G facilitate smart networking between man and machine.
  • Reliable planning and implementation by BESCom.

Industry 4.0

Modern Industry 4.0 applications require a high degree of reliability and security.
Reliable data connections are a key factor here.

Energy Industry

Supply and disposal companies play an important role in functioning communities. BESCom plans and delivers, for example, fail-safe radio systems.

Logistics &

Reliability is a top priority in logistics. Secure networking of the transport systems via private campus networks and modern mobile radio systems.

Maritime Industry

The maritime economy also makes special demands of modern radio and data traffic. Ships, in particular, need to be able to rely on radio coverage.


Our communication solutions ensure the safety and reliability of airports. Modern campus solutions and indoor radio systems keep operations running smoothly.

BESCom – Strong & reliable solutions for every sector

Tailored to your individual requirements.