Energy industry

A power supply failure nearly always has serious consequences. And if the power is out for a prolonged period, this has an immediate (and damaging) effect on day-to-day life. Almost everything today relies on the existence of a reliable power supply.


BESCom provides advice and project inspiration, plans and installs networks for energy providers, water management companies and municipal utilities. A reliable and fast service provided by trained personnel guarantees operational functionality of the emergency systems.

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Reliable and fail-safe operating networks also ensure the operator remains able to communicate even in the event of a blackout. BESCom is your partner here.

Critical Infrastructure 

The German Federal Government has designated energy providers “critical infrastructures” (critical-infrastructure protection programme KRITIS) in recognition of the key role they play. In the event of a power failure in particular, it is essential that communication channels remain open to ensure the coordination of emergency personnel and to allow for the necessary repairs to be carried out. This is why self-sufficient emergency power generators safeguard the supply to the in-house radio system.

power pole as a critical infrastructure
power pole as a critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure to guarantee security of supply

Critical infrastructures include companies and organisations of particular importance for social community structures. Any disruption to these bodies entails a failure or shortage of supply. This, in turn, has a considerable impact on public safety and supply. For this reason, German lawmakers have defined certain sectors and companies as particularly critical. Included here are a variety of supply and disposal companies.


Threats to control and communications technology

There is a greater demand for fail-safe operation in facilities that are classified as critical infrastructure. Mission critical solutions establish the required level of security for operators of critical infrastructure. Systems from BESCom are tailored specifically to the situation at hand, for example blackouts.

  • Protection against cyber attacks
  • Protection against sabotage
  • Ensuring operational capability in emergency situations
  • Ensuring communication channels stay open within the premises, as well as with external rescue services.

Supply and disposal organisations are required to take appropriate action here.

Individual challenges

The challenges for supply and disposal organisations can vary considerably. BESCom provides targeted support here with services tailored to everything from the planning and implementation to the commissioning of suitable systems.

Reliable voice communication for fail-safe operation

Large facilities such as power plants or those of municipal waterworks are often massive buildings, characterised by their thick cement walls and steel girders. Designs which considerably hamper in-house communication.

BESCom can provide the right private mobile radio solution here, which guarantees secure and reliable communication even in difficult situations.

engineer monitoring values
Power plant and power pole for electricity supply

Blackout in power plants

Even specific situations such as power plant blackouts need to be considered. The smooth functioning of emergency systems is of paramount importance in situations like these. Redundant communication systems provide the necessary security here.

A reliable fallback solution is integrated by BESCom in order to safeguard communication channels between task forces.

Power plant and power pole for electricity supply

Disruptions to the supply of energy, gas and water

Supplier constraints have the potential to cause significant damage to society.

  • Disruptions present high damage potential, as our day-to-day lives depend on having a reliable supply of power. Any interruption to the power supply requires a reliable emergency power system, which is not always available.
  • Professional and regular maintenance can minimise disruptions.

Personal safety systems save lives and safeguard health

Company premises are often quite large and poorly accessible. Repair and installation teams frequently work out of sight and earshot of other employees. They are thus putting themselves at risk should an accident occur, with other employees unable to provide immediate assistance. Special precautionary measures therefore need to be taken in order to ensure their safety. The personal safety system allows employees to raise the alarm themselves or an alarm is triggered automatically instead.

  • Provide your employees with the protection they need in particularly risky situations.
  • Protect your employees by quickly alerting emergency personnel.
person talks into radio
aerial view of plant

BESCom is responsible for …

  • planning reliable radio systems.
  • setting up the professional mobile radio (PMR) system.
  • preparing the infrastructure for intelligent fleet management.
  • providing assistance with tenders.