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At BESCom, the customer is the focus of any analysis. We seek dialogue, we listen and we use these findings to develop individual consultation concepts that also integrate factual knowledge, industry trends and our innovative technical achievements.

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BESCom – The customer takes centre stage.

When everything is running smoothly, this means it is not just the hardware and software that have been optimally coordinated. The many interfaces between people and technology are just as important: from the IT department to the employees who communicate via walkie-talkie, the management board responsible for making decisions and, where applicable, the implementation of new technology in existing business processes – all of which should be included in the project planning right from the start.

At BESCom, the customer is thus the focus of our analysis. We seek dialogue, we listen and we use these findings to develop individual consultation concepts that also integrate sound factual knowledge, industry trends and the many risks and opportunities presented by technical innovations in this age of communication – individual consultation concepts for our customers.


Tailoring the digital future to requirements

As an engineering services provider with long-standing experience in the consultation for and project planning of radio network systems of varying sizes, we are your professional partner for all aspects of indoor radio, industrial radio, as well as LTE or 5G campus networks. 

Because high-end technology deserves high-end consultation

Anyone sitting on a management board or involved in the decision-making for public bodies is confronted with the following questions when it comes to a mobile radio infrastructure: Do we need 5G now? And if not, when? Could private LTE be an interesting alternative for us? Is our PMR system, with its somewhat outdated yet still reliably functioning technology, flexible enough to keep pace and grow with the ever increasing demands? What should we do? Update the system where necessary or replace it with an entirely new one?

What is technologically feasible? What makes financial sense? And what are we potentially unable to avoid in terms of security?

We are here to help when it comes to answering questions like these. There will be no standard response along the lines of “because that’s the way it’s done today”, but suggestions will be made that are tailored specifically to your requirements.

Support during every project phase – with professional consultation services from BESCom

From determining the actual situation to an analysis and catalogue of requirements, from the comparison of current communication solutions on the market to the detailed planning and actual system implementation, we are on-hand to provide our customers with support, for example with specifically themed workshops or seminars which we are happy to host directly on your company premises.

State-of-the-art consultation solutions from BESCom

Project management and technological know-how go hand-in-hand at BESCom. We carry out feasibility studies, provide support when drawing up technical specifications and product specifications and when documenting all stages of the planning process. We provide assistance in the preparation of tender documents and when evaluating received proposals. All to ensure that your digital radio infrastructure is ideally suited to your requirements both now and in the future.

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Our core services in consultation and analysis

Whether indoor radio, campus network or industrial radio, whether BOS or private sector: with a variety of top-quality analysis and consultation services, BESCom provides you with real high-end solutions for your project proposals.

Our consultation services include:

Icon Analysis
Feasibility, profitability and needs analyses

BESCom carries out needs analyses, feasibility and profitability studies for its customers.

Icon Communication
Creation of communication concepts

Our project planners create communication concepts tailored to the requirements of the customer.

Icon Network planning
Network planning

BESCom takes responsibility for the required network planning.

Icon Preparation of documents
Preparation of tender documents incl. involvement in tendering process

We will be more than happy to draw up tender documents and provide support during the tendering process.

Icon Approval
Carrying out checks, system tests and approvals

We carry out extensive checks, system tests and approvals.

Icon service and maintenance
Creation of service and maintenance concepts

Our portfolio includes the creation of service and maintenance concepts.

Icon consulting
Free (initial) consultation
For us, the first step to a good solution is a personal consultation. Discuss your ideas with one of our experts during your free phone consultation.
Icon end device radio
End device consultation

Do you have questions regarding your radio solution? We will be more than happy to advise you on the options for your end devices.