Maintenance & Repair

Operational digital radio is often part of a critical infrastructure – particularly BOS indoor radio coverage, however also energy providers, industrial companies or ports. Making it all the more important that everything works reliably. And seamlessly. Every time.

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Our technicians at your service around the world.
We also carry out the maintenance and repair work at your premises.

You can count on BESCom

With long-standing experience of technical services in sensitive environments, we are able to maintain the high performance of your digital radio infrastructure. And we get it up and running again as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency. Maintenance work is also carried out at any location.

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Maintenance means maintaining value

The most effective repair measure is still the one that is not even needed. In other words: if devices, hardware, software and other system components are regularly subjected to comprehensive maintenance, the chances are far higher that the equipment will work for far longer to a “first day” standard.

Anything that applies across the industrial board carries even more weight in a sensitive environment. Designing an individual network infrastructure is frequently an elaborate and costly task – and even the more minor hiccups can sometimes trigger a chain reaction. Making it all the more important that the technology, once acquired and implemented, stays working reliably.

Our customer service is fully committed to ensuring this is the case.

Our qualified technical employees, both in-house and in the field, not only have extensive knowledge that is constantly refreshed with company training, but also use state-of-the-art testing and measuring equipment. So that we can address the problem directly at your premises. When it comes to providing the best quality of service, the key factor for us is regular calibration and maintenance of all equipment.

When a replacement is required: we have what you need

maintenance intervals considerably extend the service life of practically every system component. Occasionally, though, something will need to be replaced. Should this be the case, BESCom customer service has the right supplier to provide the substitute or replacement as quickly as possible.

In our network, we collaborate with a whole host of manufacturers and suppliers and are thus in a position to meet customer requirements with tailored solutions. We are also more than happy to provide customers with access to a pool of devices or spare parts if necessary.

With access to online manufacturer databases, we have a direct link to various documents and instructions. For a quick solution every time, helping to minimise downtimes while maintaining maximum value of the devices and installations in your radio systems.

Our core services in
maintenance and repair

Individual and flexible

Individual maintenance and service agreements to maintain the value and availability of your devices and installations from BESCom.

We look after existing customers who generally have an active maintenance contract or have booked on-call maintenance. However, we are also happy to assist and support customers who have acquired their devices and systems from other dealers.

We examine these cases individually and establish which systems are being used, what components are included and whether, for example, an inspection of the premises is necessary to determine requirements.

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Icon Standardised procedures
Standardised procedures

Our years of experience mean we can draw on standardised procedures for the maintenance and commissioning of devices.

Icon Functional and performance testing
Functional and performance testing

Devices and accessories are tested at your premises or in the BESCom workshop.

Icon Flexible operating times
Flexible operating times

Operating times can be flexibly adapted to your requirements.

Icon Support
Support of third-party systems

At your request, we can also service systems and devices that have been acquired from other providers.

Icon 24-hour assistance
24-hour assistance

Access to 24-hour assistance can be included in your maintenance agreement.

Icon Replacement device service
Replacement device service

If a device breaks down, customers can access the replacement device service.