Germany currently has 38 commercial airports with more than 240 million passengers every year. These airports are used for the transport of both goods and people and thus play a particularly important role in transport infrastructure.


Considering the sheer volume of both goods and people to be found within the airport on a daily basis, operating processes here are extremely complex and security is a top priority. Radio communication within and outside the premises needs to function flawlessly, as does the coordination of all people and means of transport active on site.

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The challenges for airport operators: Security and a smooth operating schedule.

Invest in innovative communication concepts for modern commercial airports. BESCom will be happy to provide comprehensive advice concerning private LTE & 5G campus solutions.

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A loud working environment

Whether it’s on the runway directly beside the planes, in baggage handling or airport maintenance, airport employees are often found working in very loud environments. These loud environments hinder communication between the employees. A fail-safe ambient noise suppression system is thus required to ensure voice transmission functions reliably.

Ground staff: Coordinating a variety of actors

The pace is almost always hectic at airports. Ground staff are responsible for the aircraft handling, as well as refuelling, loading or unloading luggage and the air freight containers. All of which involve coordinating an assortment of people. This coordination would not be possible without reliable radio coverage that can be trusted to work without issue inside the building.

airplane during boarding
airplane that just took off

Security at airports: A hub of threat scenarios

An airport is one of those places where there is the potential for a lot of people to come to harm, either as the result of an accident or threat situation. Reliable channels of communication between emergency personnel are thus essential. Insufficient network coverage from the digital BOS radio presents these relief units with a problem when the operator has not taken the necessary precautions beforehand.

airplane that just took off

The challenge for modern transport hubs

Airports are modern transport hubs faced with an ever increasing workload. The number of airline passengers has continued to rise in recent years.

  • Airports are places in which there are always large numbers of people present.
  • The multitude of possible dangers demands reliable security measures.
  • Considerable investment is needed in order to keep technologies up-to-date.

Private campus networks and indoor radio solutions from BESCom

Maximum reliability, performance and security for your airports.
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Campus networks

In addition to the public mobile radio network, a private mobile radio network can also be established in order to be able to adequately respond to the requirements of airport operators. These private LTE or soon 5G networks are separate to the public network and adapted to the individual requirements of the respective companies.

Campus networks are characterised by:

  • Low latency periods and very fast data transmission
  • High reliability and guaranteed availability
  • Effective data security for in-house communication
Airport queue
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Indoor radio

Airports comprise large complex buildings, for which BOS digital radio coverage is quite often less than satisfactory. A multitude of reinforced concrete constructions and other interfering signals impair radio coverage. Modern indoor radio systems from BESCom alleviate this situation and guarantee the reliable implementation of your indoor radio system.

With a modern indoor radio system, you are guaranteeing coverage and improving conditions for the rescue services. It is easier to coordinate relief units within the buildings and lives are saved in the event of an emergency.


BESCom is your partner for modern infrastructure

We support airport operators with the modernisation and operation of their professional mobile and radio infrastructure. 

  • Innovative solutions through private LTE & 5G campus networks.
  • Specially trained employees are responsible for the planning and implementation of projects.
  • BESCom provides you with support when and where you need it.

How BESCom supports airport operators

In terms of technology, the successful operation of an airport is extremely demanding. It is a challenge to maintain the technical infrastructure, train employees and efficiently plan radio systems. This is where BESCom comes in.

Tailored solutions

BESCom provides all the services required for the installation of a modern communication infrastructure in airports. You can rely on BESCom to ensure deadlines are kept, downtimes minimised and technical standards and building regulations are complied with. The professional installation of a BOS indoor radio system is crucial for successful airport operations.

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