Maritime Industry

BESCom has a very special relationship with the port and shipping. The applications used here are as varied as the maritime sector itself. In addition to the operators of large terminals, responsible for moving a high volume of containers, the shipping companies with their ships and off-shore facilities such as off-shore platforms are among the customers of BESCom.

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BESCom is your partner for reliable on-board communication: even under difficult conditions. 

Maritime safety presents particular challenges

Maritime safety is a particularly challenging area. Conditions out on the high seas mean accidents are commonplace.
These accidents are often the result of unreliable technical systems or human error. The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) has thus set out numerous rules and requirements which apply to the maritime sector today.

BESCom provides support as you implement and comply with these regulations. We supply robust devices and reliable radio systems that guarantee operational safety and fail-safe radio communication even when out at sea.

container ship

BESCom stands for reliable on-board communication

BESCom supports companies active in the maritime sector with individual solutions for reliable radio communication. Our solutions are tailored to the specific requirements.

ocean platform

High demands placed on marine materials

In the port or when out at sea, devices and systems are exposed to the effects of wind and weather. The materials are put under extreme stress and thus subjected to greater wear and tear.

BESCom has the right system for every application and the toughest of conditions. We can advise you on the appropriate radio systems, delivering and installing them for the respective application.

On-board communication , even under difficult conditions

Radio and data transmission is generally very restricted due to the particular circumstances on ships or off-shore platforms. The integration of a special radio system thus ensures there are no interruptions to communication.

Structural conditions mean each case requires individual planning. BESCom plans and installs the appropriate radio systems for ships and off-shore platforms.

ship at see
ship at see

Risk of explosion on board: Take the necessary protective measures

Radio systems are subject to specific requirements in the field of explosion protection, as radio systems on ships and off-shore platforms are often used in particularly vulnerable areas. Off-shore platforms, for example, present a risk of explosion. The necessary protective measures must be taken here.

SOLAS requires the use of ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles = potentially explosive atmospheres) -certified radio systems in order to meet the necessary level of protection. BESCom can advise you here and provide the appropriate radio technology.

ship at see

It all comes down to having the right partner

  • BESCom helps you to select the right devices and systems.
  • Maintenance and commissioning guarantee operational capability of the systems.

Emergency communication saves lives 

An emergency on board is always an extremely critical situation for the personnel involved and requires smooth channels of communication. Radio and tracking systems must thus be guaranteed to function perfectly at all times. Response times need to be fast and communication systems reliable when it comes to alerting the emergency services.

Only professional planning and the installation of emergency systems will ensure radio systems function optimally in cases of emergency. Our specially trained BESCom employees are responsible for the planning and implementation of these systems.

ship monitors
visual connections between ships at see

Marine radio: Reliable communication

Ensures the availability of the ship and off-shore facilities. Reliable marine radio facilitates communication on both land and sea. The German Federal Network Agency is responsible for licensing here.

BESCom supports the planning and implementation of reliable radio systems for your marine radio systems. 

visual connections between ships at see

Communication when loading and unloading: Safe material handling

The loading and unloading of ships needs to be precisely coordinated. Individual employees instruct crane or truck drivers and need to be able to communicate with each other by radio at all times. Reliable radio systems protect the people involved and ensure the loading/unloading runs smoothly.

BESCom has years of experience in the maritime sector. We advise, plan and implement radio concepts suited to the respective loading situation. Our trained employees will provide your staff with the necessary instruction.

workers at a port

BESCom is your reliable partner in the maritime sector

BESCom is your partner in the maritime industry. Drawing on our years of experience in this sector, we find the right solutions for the individual requirements of our customers. It is not uncommon for technicians to fly directly to customers for on-site deployment. New radio systems are thus installed during regular operation out at sea.

Icon system configuration
Radio system configuration
BESCom helps you realise your specific requirements for a reliable maritime and private mobile radio.
Icon measurements
In order to optimise the performance of the radio systems, measurements are carried out on board.
Icon ATEX devices
ATEX devices
In order to meet the special safety requirements, we also supply ATEX-certified devices.
Icon Programming
We adapt the radios and systems used to meet your specific requirements.

Safety in the marine sector ...

  • Requires selection of the right devices.
  • Relies on the individual planning and programming of the radio systems.
  • Calls for the use of certified components.