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Whether initially installing, extending or modernising existing systems – setting up a radio network always presents a logistical challenge.

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BESCom – Your key to success

Early strategic planning for all work steps is the key to successful implementation. The basis for a successful installation without any issues is always sound preparation, employee expertise and project planning.

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Installation from one source

The entire installation of your new, or extended, digital radio network is in safe hands with us right from the very start. We take care of the entire setup, with our experienced technicians also organising the cabling and installation of the components at your premises.

We can provide advice regarding which components to install, information about your application options, as well as the respective advantages and disadvantages of the various systems and device series. Furthermore, we can help you with the regulatory application procedures that are required when setting up a radio network.

Years of experience and skilled employees are crucial for a successful installation.

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Individual customers – Individual projects

We are more than happy to meet specific customer requests, such as labelling with inventory numbers or entering and managing device records in our Technical Inventory Management (TIM) database. We provide advice unspecific to any manufacturer and supply end terminals and applications, as well as replacement parts and accessories, that are tailored to your requirements. The goods are delivered when you want them, already fully assembled in the required batch sizes. Providing all users with detailed instructions is also par for the course.

multimeter is used to check fuses

Typical BESCom
Put through its paces

Once the new radio system has been successfully installed and set up, we extensively test and document the radio coverage for your new system. In order to be able to reliably operate the new radio system at peak performance over the long term, a maintenance agreement is recommended. This is actually a compulsory regulation for operators of BOS indoor radio systems.

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More than the sum of their parts –
State-of-the-art radios

Radio devices today represent far more than just a means of communication. Just like the smartphone, they are miniature versions of high-performance computers. And also only demonstrate their maximum potential once the user is aware of how to use it.

We provide advice on the selection of products and discuss the preferred properties with the people in your company who are responsible for operating the technology on a daily basis. All devices are parametrised by our experienced technical customer services and tested with the preferred accessories.

Our core services in delivery and installation

We have it all wrapped up!

Our qualified installation employees set up your radio system according to the detailed plans. We also install and put into operation all associated components and systems. A selection of our services includes:

Icon Electrotechnical and antenna installations
Electrotechnical and antenna installations

BESCom is responsible for the delivery and installation of electrotechnical and antenna installations.

Icon security technology
System and security technology

Delivery and installation of system and security technology tailored specifically to customer requirements.

Icon cable
Leaky cable systems

Delivery and installation of leaky cable systems for modern indoor radio systems.

Icon Installation and connection of base station/repeater
Installation and connection of base station/repeater

BESCom takes responsibility for the installation and connection of base stations and repeaters.

Icon Connection technology
Connection technology (glass fibres/directional radio)

Our technicians install the necessary connection technology using glass fibres and directional radio.

Icon Delivery of end terminals and accessories
Delivery of end terminals and accessories
Our qualified installation employees deliver the end terminals and accessories, before setting up the planned radio system.