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Done! Your new digital radio infrastructure is ready for operation. So what happens now?
Who will be operating the new devices? What needs to be considered? What information do your service and support employees now require?

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Our experienced colleagues will provide your employees with the instruction they need, showing them exactly how the new equipment works and what this now means for day-to-day operations
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Employee training
with BESCom

People like to get things done in a familiar setting. It is thus not surprising that there are reservations when introducing new technology to the company. New technologies represent a change to the operational processes and thus the familiar routine for everyone who uses the technology on a daily basis. Scepticism and rejection are often based on uncertainty which results from an – actual or perceived – ignorance. Employees find themselves asking questions such as “What does this new technology mean for me?”, “What will now be expected of me”, “What mistakes am I likely to make?”, “What will happen if I make a mistake?”

Our training concepts thus focus on a reasoned acceptance management right from the very start. Keeping in mind the scientific evidence that people are better at positively accepting change over the long-term when they are able to develop a personal understanding for the processes and grasp the importance of the technology.

Particularly for those in the team who are responsible for safety-relevant and/or quality management tasks (or will be in the future), a thorough briefing in the course of implementing new standards is indispensable. However also those who may only occasionally come into contact with the communication infrastructure as part of their daily routine benefit from a professionally and coherently communicated know-how, strengthening competencies and counteracting any uncertainties.

The best protection when dealing with safety-relevant technology?

Skilled employees.

We bring everyone up to scratch with individual training concepts

With 30 years of experience in the instruction and training of users in the area of radio and communications technology, we are equipped to provide the right training concept for your team. Taking the prior knowledge of those participating into consideration, we explain everything from the ground up or go into specific detail, we bring newcomers up-to-date and inform experienced users about further developments.

For example with practical dialogue training for the various communication technologies, which we either hold at our headquarters in Hamburg or at your premises. 

We are also more than happy to instruct your technical team on the ideal maintenance and support for your in-house mobile radio infrastructure – even when this was not originally planned by BESCom.

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30 years of experience

BESCom has already been active in the area of private mobile radio for more than 30 years.

Dialogue training
Dialogue training

Dialogue training is the ideal tool for successful employee training.

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Face-to-face training

Training on our premises or yours.